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Puppy class

When should you start training your dog? The best is to start on the day of its arrival at home. The fundamental period in puppy's life are the first four months, which is when they absorb knowledge the easiest and is when their reactions to new situations  are formed. Hence, in puppy kindergarten DogMasters Warsaw we prioritise teaching dogs how to correctly react to new situations.

During usual training at puppy kindergarten dogs are taught:

:: how to react to their name by eye contact with the owner
:: to follow the owner
:: to patiently wait for food or going out for a walk
:: to politely greet people
:: positive attitude and politeness in contacts with other dogs

Typical training consist of:

:: walking on unknown surfaces
:: listening to scary sounds
:: greeting people unusually dressed or holding unusual objects
:: walking into arranged recesses

Puppy kindergarten is also a source of knowledge for the owner. Our coaches explain how to:

:: train dogs in cleanliness
:: introduce house rules
:: make the training the most efficient , based on trustful relation

Event Event date Location Individual Price
Puppy class 09-05-2013 6:00 pm Pruszków/Komorów/Strzeniówka PLN240.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event