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General obedience

DogMasters general obedience training includes learning commands useful in everyday life with a domestic dog. It's not just training, but also an opportunity to expand knowledge about dogs, their communication and needs. It is also a great way to build a good owner-dog relationship.

During the DogMasters course of obedience dog learns how to:
:: focus attention on the owner,
:: execute the commands sit and lie down,
:: stay in position sit and lie down,
:: entering the message in the order,
:: come to the owner on the call,
:: walk on a leash (without pulling)
:: do few tricks (slalom, high five, elements of dance with a dog)
:: control emotions and relax, regardless of the circumstances.

The owner learns on the training:
:: how does his dog communicate – with other dog or people,
:: what motivates his dog to work,
:: how to teach his dog new things,
:: how to make his dog cooperate, not only for treats.

Event Event date Location Individual Price
Ogólne posłuszeństwo psów 19-04-2013 6:00 pm Pruszków/Komorów/Strzeniówka PLN590.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event