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Learning basic commands

You want your dog to walk politely on a leash? To always come to call? To greet guests politely sitting by your side?

If you dream about a dog that will follow you and respect the established rules of domestic life, the course "Learning Basic Commands" is for you. Classes are held in small groups - up to 6 dogs - it is important because it allows the individual approach to each student, while teaching your dog to pay attention to the guide in the presence of other pets.

Under the supervision of an experienced trainer you will learn how to induce a dog to cooperate using effective and ethical method. You will discover what is the best motivation for your dog, you will learn effective techniques to teach new commands. Working regularly for four weeks you will teach your pet basic commands: sit, lie down, go (walking on a loose leash), to the site, heel, leave it, come. During the training, you will learn what games are best for your dog and which ones help you build a relationship with your pet. Discover the wealth and ability to communicate with a dog that will make your relationship extraordinary.

After the four-week series of classes you can continue training with 10% discount, up to a diploma.

Event Event date Location Individual Price
Nauka Podstawowych Komend 19-04-2013 6:00 pm Pruszków/Komorów/Strzeniówka PLN290.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event